Macrosmok Brand Cigarettes


The cigarette for those who are — and want to be — cool. Mäcrösmök brand cigarettes have all the tar and twice the nicotine to deliver that one-of-a-kind mäcrö-sized burst of flavor. Plus, you get a buzz off it. Only the coolest doctors smoke Mäcrösmök brand cigarettes, so you’ll be in good company! One puff and you’ll be coming back for more!

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Due to a recent injunction levied by the U.S. Surgeon General against MäcröCö, this product has temporarily been pulled from shelves. As MäcröCö stated, the “claims of deliberately increasing the addictiveness of the product are unsubstantiated and the subject of a lengthy lawsuit.” In addition, the U.S. Surgeon General is claiming that MäcröCö is intentionally marketing to kids given its popular and allegedly “phallic,” Mac The Elephant mascot, which MäcröCö denies.

MäcröCö has stated, “While disheartening for Mäcrösmök smokers who crave the flavor (but not necessarily the enhanced nicotine*), and for our fans of Mac The Elephant, whom we’re working to develop a kid’s Saturday Morning cartoon show, we promise our healthy product will be back on shelves shortly once the lawsuit is dismissed.” As soon as that happens, we’ll make sure this product is back here and available at The ’93 Store!

*Sponsored studies by MäcröCö prove nictotine addiction as inconclusive.