The year is 1993.

Grunge rules the airwaves.

And sophomore year is about to begin.

’93 is a serialized, episodic, and character-driven comic that follows a group of college students trying to get by, live with one another, and just deal. And, there’s this mystery about a missing roommate and a…lamp? Well whatever, nevermind.

Set in the year 1993 (August 14th, 1993 to be exact), the long-form comic takes place at Iowa University (also known as IoU) — home of the fightin’ Walleyes. The university is located deep in the middle of nowhere (a.k.a. the Midwest) in the small college town of University City, or UniCity as the locals call it.

The comic is a throwback to a slacker era gone by before the time of the internet, social media, and smartphones — when people had no idea where their friends were at any given minute and misunderstandings were frequent.

’93 publishes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday here at with bonus chapter strips–extended scenes and additional story–starting April 2, 2024. Subscribe to The 93 Weekly by becoming a Free Member and get the week’s worth of comics delivered to you every Sunday (and some special bonuses)!

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Episode 1 : Johnson’s/Girls’ Night Out — now publishing!

When Scott Davis returns to campus excited to move into his new college apartment, he discovers one of his two roommates, Jake Larsen, “wigged out” during summer school and mysteriously dropped out of school–only to leave him stuck with a substitute roommate: the biggest slacker on campus, John Johnson

Already taking command of Scott’s apartment, Johnson and his sleazy friend, Nads, have convinced Scott’s other, gullible roommate, Matt Parker, to help them convert the apartment into a bar. Worst of all–it’s to open tonight, while Scott moves in.

Meanwhile, one floor below, the stunningly beautiful, but overly materialistic and shallow, Megan Hillcrest, is fed up losing to her sorority arch-rival, the equally beautiful and cunning, Jennifer Golden. Unfortunately for Megan, she takes Matt Parker’s misguided advice and sets out to “stack the deck” at the bars later that night, roping in her amiable and unsuspecting roommate, Amy Sullivan, to help pull off her scheme.

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