Admiral Bob’s Ol’ Hooch Whiskey


Finally–a booze created by alcoholics for alcoholics. Admiral Bob’s Ol’ Hooch Whiskey is the strongest, most potent liquor on the market today. In fact, it’s banned in most countries, but always available here online at The ’93 Store!


Out of stock



Unfortunately, it turns out Ol’ Hooch is not always available online. As reported recently in the news, Interpol has seized all Ol’ Hooch inventory, cut the supply chain, and has issued court papers to the company and key management personnel. This is due to the alleged violation of worldwide alcohol regulations due to the mass amount of alcohol in Ol’ Hooch Whiskey and claims that it is not safe for public consumption. As soon as this minor dispute is over and the product becomes available again, Ol’ Hooch will be back in stock here at The ’93 Store!