Effeminate Hammer

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Just say no to overly aggressive hammers and switch to a kindler, gentler…and dare we say, sexy tool with The Effeminate Hammer. The only hammer with a feminine touch!

Sure, it may take a couple more swings at that nail, but that’s a small price to pay to to look beautiful while doing it!

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Sold out and out of stock! That must be because the Effeminate Hammer is guaranteed to:

  • pound nails,
  • pull out nails,
  • splinter wood
  • break ice
  • scratch your back

…all while looking gorgeous and making you look good in the process!

Don’t be fooled by knock-offs! The Effeminate Hammer can pound and remove common nails, but also: framing nails, box nails, sinker nails, deck nails, roofing nails, siding nails, joist hanger nails, duplex nails, connector nails, pole barn nails, cap nails, trim nails, finish nails, pin nails, brad nails, drywall nails, flooring nails, panel board nails, furniture nails, masonry nails, and more!

Turn heads with The Effeminate Hammer: It’s time to do your nails.