Jake Larsen
Psych Major On The Run

Jake was supposed to be Scott and Matt’s third roommate — until he “wigged out”, quit school, and skipped town. The details aren’t clear, but what is known is [REDACTED]. Jake worked as a [REDACTED] over the summer at [REDACTED] but a [REDACTED] event happened when [REDACTED]. He [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]. He’s now on the run from the [REDACTED], having sublet his room to Johnson, leaving all his furniture and Playtendo game console behind.

Quick Facts

Age: 20 | Class: Sophomore, but currently M.I.A. | Major: Psychology/Physics (Double Major) | Resides: ? | Roommates: ? | Last Whereabouts: [REDACTED] | Hometown: Des Moines | Employed: [REDACTED]