Megan Hillcrest
Rude & Shallow. Rich & Pampered. Hot & Knows It.

Pampered since birth by her wealthy, divorced parents, Megan is materialistic, shallow, and has no filter between what she says and thinks. A member of the elite Theta Mu Zeta Sorority, Megan thinks the world revolves around her, which is why this year she’s finally going to one-up her Sorority archrival, Jennifer Golden. Megan missed her chance to live in the sorority and so lives with her freshman year dorm acquaintance, Amy, in an apartment that Daddy pays for.

Quick Facts

Age: 19 | Class: Sophomore | Major: Fashion Design (even though her Guidance Counselor says IoU doesn’t offer it) | Resides: 2nd Floor Apartment | Roommate: Amy | Hometown: Chicago Suburbs | Employed: As if.